Aw whatever, I’ll just post them separately too

I wanted to do a pokemon hexafusion too!
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I wanted to do a pokemon hexafusion too! is having a sale, so if you’re going to fanime and forgot to print business cards (like me just now hahah—) or other items go ahead! I’ve used them in the past and gotten really good results!

more commissions


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caephuier sent: hello! i wanted to ask, will you be selling your books at FANIME this year again? (sorry if this has already been answered, i looked around and might have missed it!)

Yes, I’ll have books and prints at Fanime this year!

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galtenoble sent: How do you feel about other artists copying your style?

¬†usually when someone starts out copying someone else’s style, it ends up being different because it’s their own hand doing it and they’re likely using different techniques to end up at a similar enough result. So I guess it doesn’t bother me too much. I’d be curious to see how someone would go about doing it, what parts they’d emphasize, etc. anyway. I kinda have no idea what “my style” even is. why do you ask?

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more commissions uou

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Anonymous sent: Hi! I'm interested in maybe buying your art book but I just want to know when you would expect to start shipping them and how long they would take to ship? I'll be moving at the beginning of May and I just need to know what address I would need to give you.

It depends on how soon the printer can get my books to me, since I’m not ordering any to ship until orders are closed so I know exactly how many to get. Just note your situation in your order and I will email you to get your address when I’m ready to ship the book!

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