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Anonymous sent: Do you think if you had majored in something related to art (like interface design), but not directly related to drawing (like illustration), that things would have worked out better?

Maybe. I’ve been floating the idea of learning a new type of art like 3d modeling, or graphic design or interface design yeah. I even sometimes bemoan that I was too young and scared to go for animation from the beginning, thinking maybe I could be doing storyboards at cartoon network or something by now. but in the end I think it comes down to a problem with myself or my personality which I need to work on.

Anonymous sent: I'm sorry to hear about your experience with art school, I hope you can manage not to have too much regret about it. Do you think you'll be working as an artist once you graduate? I love your art, I hope you don't end up hating drawing one day! Keep up the lovely work

regretfully I graduated a year ago and am still struggling trying to find a way to reconnect with drawing again. I appreciate messages like this, though.

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new-eye said: i feel the same after art school. i’ve always done art, but since graduation i have hardly done anything aside from one freelance animation job. i just dont know if i have it in me anymore. it’s so confusing, and empty.

Yeah, I’m definitely not the only one I’ve met who feels this either. so I’m not sure I can recommend a dedicated art school with a clear conscience anymore.

I have also thought A LOT about what could have gone wrong, and the best I’ve come up with is that for someone who has drawn all their life, it’s mostly taken place in situations where you’re either technically not supposed to be drawing like in math class, or on your free time after all your *work* is done. your whole time is consumed by art when you’re in art school and it’s really physically and emotionally taxing for most people, PLUS all the teachers constantly with the depressing pessimistic messages about the state of the art industry, intended as warnings…

I realized I have only ever followed art because I showed a knack for it early, and thus it was my only generally recognized talent and it was kind of never questioned by anyone that I would be an artist when I grew up. But the heart of it was actually a way to relax between actual work. And trying to make it INTO the work I had been using art to escape from… didn’t really work. for me at least jobifying ANYTHING instantly turns it into a tiresome slog and I found out, most disappointingly, that art’s no different.  I really, really regret that it took me all 5 years of massively expensive art school to come to terms with this.

Anonymous sent: Hey man, I just happen to stumble upon your blog and HOT DAMN IM SO GLAD I DID. Just I quick question, what type of work do you do? Like besides the times you do your commissions ( sorry I know you don't like questions about where you went to school and stuff) but like did you go to art school to get an art job or like did you wanna get like crazy art skills and stuff. (Just wondering SORRY!!!)

tbh I did go to train myself to get an art job. but over the course of being there I just got more confused and divided about it because I took classes in various fields and didn’t feel satisfaction or excitement for any of them. I’m not sure now what I got out of going to art school, because I feel like I traded awesome art skillz for the actual ability to have fun drawing… I’m only just now starting the process of getting that part of me I lost back, I think

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Anonymous sent: Hi Elaine, do you still use the ''letmefixthat..'' account? You are one of the artists most knowledgeable about anatomy, ily. <3 .w.

Nah, I stopped updating it a long time ago for various reasons. it got to be not as much about good-humoredly fixing typical yaoi anatomy faux pas and more people a)bashing yaoi or b)asking me to fix their drawings of general male characters (not even yaoi), leading to me “fixing” the same few problem areas over and over

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Anonymous sent: is it okay if i give a little constructive crit?

if it’s on like a basic drawing of some guy standing there with a face or something, then I’d have to say no sorry as I’m not actively looking to improve in that department anymore D:

if it’s on something that I don’t usually draw/don’t know about then ok

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