last book update (hopefully) - international orders sent!

international orders are now in the mail! Thank you everyone for your patience!

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book update - domestic orders sent!

it turns out I did have to go in for jury duty, so I’m a day late, but anyway I just got back from the post office. All USA orders are on their way!

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book update!!

I will be mailing as many of them as possible on monday (if I don’t have to go in for jury duty uuuuuuhuhh)!

also important: I’ve tried to contact a couple people about the links they provided for bonus sketch refs being broken, and one of them hasn’t gotten back to me yet. If your tumblr used to be hedratis then I will be needing new refs from you, please! Thank you and sorry for the trouble!

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Fikiti and Qeggy

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I’m packing books now *0*
high resolution →

I’m packing books now *0*

books update

I’ve ordered everything I need now and am just waiting on delivery, I should be able to start packing and mailing them next week! thanks for your patience

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That was fun heheh… I’ll do more later, I’d like to draw more people than pokemon

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palette meme

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palette meme

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Anonymous sent: n harmonia with 83 perhaps

(I’m gonna be using the bg color from the meme + white as well lol)

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